Tailored and long-term solutions backed by the depth of our expertise

Supported by our high-quality standards


Institutional-quality expertise


Exhaustive research


Informed decision-making


Unrivalled peace of mind


A distinctive proximity approach

Our investment advisory services offer you tailored, long-term solutions backed by high standards and the depth of our team’s expertise.

We serve as a liaison between the various professionals working with your family. We make effective and wise use of information and interventions to ensure your peace of mind. Our forward-looking strategies are based on a long-term investment structure designed specifically for you.

At a glance


More than 10 professionals exclusively serving wealthy families


Backed by the depth of its parent company Normandin Beaudry's investment teams (more than 50 investment specialists)

+ 2 B$

More than $2 billion in assets under supervision for wealthy families

55 B$

Backed by more than $55 billion in assets under supervision by its parent company Normandin Beaudry

15 years

Recognized expertise in private markets for more than 15 years


In-depth expertise in sustainable investment based on environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria

Our history

We started supporting private clients to fulfill an urgent need for independent investment advisory services for families and business owners.

Montreal City

In 2016, we created a high quality firm to formalize these services by launching Normandin Beaudry Private Management, a subsidiary wholly owned by its parent company Normandin Beaudry and registered with Quebec’s Autorité des marchés financiers.

Normandin Beaudry Private Management now employs 10 professionals exclusively serving high net worth families, while leveraging the recognized expertise of more than 50 investment professionals from its parent company Normandin Beaudry.

Normandin Beaudry Private Management is structured to meet strict governance standards and has its own independent board of directors. Its activities are overseen by its president Dominic Vallée, ASA, with support from Chief Compliance Officer Cédric Pouliot, CFA, FRM, FICA, FSA.

Normandin Beaudry Private Management has expertise in sustainable investing, while its parent company Normandin Beaudry is a signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment since 2015.