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Normandin Beaudry Private Management is a firm specializing in investment consulting of high net worth families.

It is a subsidiary owned by Normandin Beaudry and has been registered with Quebec's Autorité des marchés financiers since 2016. It offers independent advisory services to private clients.

Thanks to its unique approach and the expertise of its parent company's investment professionals, Normandin Beaudry Private Management helps its clients manage their wealth strategically.


Tailored, long-term solutions backed by institutional-quality standards and the depth of our team’s expertise.

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A dedicated and proactive team of experts that listens to your needs

Our specialists have in-depth expertise and can fully grasp your situation. We’re ideal strategic partners that serve as a liaison between the various teams you work with.

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Michèle Laframboise
Alexandre Bernard
Raphaël Gariépy


Services that complement your family office’s expertise

Our services focus on three domains:

  1. Effective, tailored asset allocation
  2. Careful selection of managers and products
  3. Rigorous, in-depth performance monitoring of managers and your investment structure

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