Tailored advisory services to provide an investment structure designed for you


Personalized services and solutions specifically designed for each family

Normandin Beaudry Private Management is an independent firm with no restrictions on its selection of asset classes and managers. We maintain extensive expertise on market trends and available strategies.

We focus entirely on your interests and implement a solution that best meets your needs. We offer you a comprehensive service that will help you build your ideal investment structure. Our experts will help you explore all three domains covered by our integrated services.

Strategic analysis


Asset allocation

Asset allocation is the first step in implementing a personalized investment structure. The process is centred around our portfolio modelling tools, which help increase the probability of earning higher risk-adjusted returns. This process includes a number of steps.

Defining your investment principles and aligning them with your family’s mission

Analyzing your objectives and risk tolerance

Portfolio diagnostis

Personalized investment training

Institutional-quality forecasts and portfolio modelling

Ability to integrate sustainable investment criteria



Manager and product selection

This second domain focuses on optimizing the process of selecting effective managers in accordance with your objectives while also minimizing fees. We make detailed, independent recommendations regarding proven investment strategies, especially for private markets.

Institutional-quality research standards and processes

Use of robust, comprehensive databases

Direct access to world-class managers

No restrictions related to a predefined platform

Rigorous assessment of managers and strategies

Ongoing search for innovative solutions



Monitoring of performance, managers and cash flows

We ensure periodic supervision of your investment structure and help organize family governance, in addition to other strategic functions. The goal is to have a comprehensive vision and facilitate strategic decisions.

Detailed, customized performance monitoring reports that consolidate all your investments

Organization of quarterly meetings and best practices for managing a family office

Cutting-edge software, systems and governance tools

Maximum cash management efficiency through robust cash flow modelling

Qualitative and quantitative manager monitoring


a team of dedicated experts